Ramco Analytics

Ramco Analytics
Unleash & Harness the Power of Analytics.

Ramco Analytics is the most competent business analytics tool for today's decision makers, which provides 360 degree view of your organization's performance and empowers you with critical insights into the key performance indicators (KPI) to 'Measure, Monitor and Manage' your business goals and growth. Ramco Analytics ensures cross functional alignment of people, processes and technology across multiple business functions like Sales, Finance, Procurement, HCM, Inventory, Production and CRM. It empowers you to get to the core of strategic information and make well-informed decisions, on-the-fly.

Gain critical insights into business KPIs and 'Measure, Monitor and Manage' your business goals and growth.
Visualize strategic business information in the most comprehensible way through a single dashboard view format, and make well-informed decisions.

Foresee potential opportunities and threats, and formulate strategies to deal with them, proactively.