Ramco Manufacturing

Powering the Rise of Smart Manufacturing.
Ramco Manufacturing is a comprehensive, feature-rich product that offers a wide spectrum of capabilities, designed to match your niche requirements in the most simple and efficient manner for both discrete and process production. Discrete Manufacturers can benefit from the comprehensive estimation, engineering change management, planning, scheduling, execution and costing capabilities of Ramco Discrete Manufacturing .

While Process Manufacturers can gain the comprehensive features of Ramco Process Manufacturing such as lot traceability, attribute management, catch weights, yields, by-products, co-products, item substitutes, shelf-life management, integration with process control systems, and many more. In Ramco Manufacturing, the entire product life cycle is looked upon as a unified process, consisting of various elements and events, where several sources of variations are monitored and controlled to ensure that the final product meets the requisite specifications.

Equips yourself to set up a sophisticated and automated workflow so that you are always ready to address the dynamics of your industry in the most agile, sophisticated and economical manner. Avail best-in-class features and functionality available for both discrete and process manufacturing, and gain from enhanced operational efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate functions and processes like inventory management, purchase management, subcontracting and more to gain overall visibility to make sound and timely decisions.